ILT Session Registration Survey

  • 26 September 2023
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I’m looking for the best way to have attendees of a particular ILT session complete a set of questions in order to gather registration information about the attendee prior to the session. 

Examples of questions we’d like to be able to gather ahead of the ILT:

  1. Dietary restrictions:
  2. Flight information
  3. Technology accessible 

I’ve thought about creating a training material survey within the ILT but I’d like participants to be able to go back to update if their information changes (ie their flight information is updated). 

I know I can utilize an outside tool and just link it for them to complete via an automatic email upon approval of enrollment but I’d like to stay within the platform. 


Any ideas are appreciated!

4 replies

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you can capture information during the enrolment process by creating Enrolment Additional Fields and making them visible to the users. They would not be able to update their input however but an admin can using “edit enrolment”

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@Irnlab I do like that idea, thank you for your suggestion!


After looking through there are a few walls I see with using this capability. The issue we run into there is that it is likely a different person may enroll the participant in the ILT and therefore would not be the one we want to complete the additional fields. Even if we have them self-enroll, they also may enroll using a link which means they will not have to fill out the additional fields as well which is an obstacle. 


I’m contemplating if there may be a way to add an assignment that would take them to an outward facing survey or form that has the information for them to fill out. The obstacle there is that they either A) Can’t go back to edit in some cases, B) May not see the link or C) Isn’t an internal tool to KAU which just adds an additional factor. 




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I would definitely use an external tool and the enrollment email you described in your opening for this. The tool you select should allow users to come back and adjust their input, some survey tools let this happen, others don’t. Especially in the world where users are being enrolled by others, the email helps as a confirmation too and to let them know they are enrolled.

If you go the separate course route of enrollment based on this session enrollment, you have the issue of the user might not knowing, so you could I suppose use the separate course, maybe use the deep enrollment link for that course in the notification email so that when the user is enrolled they are notified and can both get to and are always enrolled into your survey course, then its just a matter of setting the course up to allow them to change their answers?

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@robrien you can also use the enrolment via CSV that will accept input into additional fields...haven't tried it as an update process but you might try to enrol users and then use the CSV import to see if you can update those additional fields for current/active enrolments..may be worth a shot.