Incorrect reporting for Channel Asset Accesses

  • 4 October 2022
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Has anyone else seen an issue with reporting of Asset Access?

We are seeing reporting of users accessing assets moments after the channel and assets are uploaded, when they couldn’t possibly have even known they existed.  All of the users seem to be from the same organization, and the report shows they accessed 5-7 assets within about 5 seconds.


We use Channels and the Coach and Share feature instead of SharePoint because of the promise of reporting. But I haven’t been able to trust the reporting on this yet. 


Any ideas or shared experiences?


1 reply

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We have seen the opposite on our end regarding the Coach & Share asset reporting. For example, say someone accessed an asset last week and even commented on the asset, sometimes that person does not show up in any of the reports we pull afterwards. When clearly, they accessed it. 


I have found that report to be slightly unreliable on my end.