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Is it a better practice? - Marking a single SCO as the end marker in a course?

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Happy Friday and howdy - as we come up on our implementation anniversary (only a year ago, our contract was still drying) I wanted to make sure I understand a best practice with training materials as we are scrambling less and beginning to document practices for others on the team.

Let’s say you have a SCO that was imported as a training material. It is the only learning object in the course. Is it implied that “it” controls (the completion criteria of the SCO itself) is what is controlling the completion of the course shell?

Lets go one step further and say that all of our courses are leveraging an HTML page that talks through a getting started piece of text and covers how to get the course to go to completion. Is it now that much more critical to ensure that the SCO is marked as the end marker?’

What I am getting at - should we alway mark a SCO with as the end marker if we tend to be a SCO to a Course (1:1) kind of shop?


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Hey - in the 1-1 setups I’ve never found it necessary as the material completes the course anyways. It’s really when you want some mix of required/optional materials in same course she’ll and you want the course to complete before all the optional are looked at(since they are optional)

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@dklinger I agree with @Bfarkas about 1-1 courses. If there aren’t other materials in the course, or if all materials are required, marking the SCO as an end object marker isn’t really necessary because completion of the material(s) will cause the course to complete.

On the other hand, if there are other materials in the course that are optional, marking the SCO as the end object marker ensures the learner can complete the course without needing to complete the optional material.