Is it possible? Link directly to a PDF in the file repository.

  • 17 August 2021
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Once a learner is in a Course in a Learning Plan the File Repository widget is not longer visible. Is it possible to link directly to content in the File Repository?

If not, what are some best practices to get learners to the content in the File Repository?

2 replies

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Could you provide a bit more info. I have used the File Repository a few times, but I haven’t run into a time when my staff were not able to see the widget. Yes, a PDF can be linked directly though to answer that part! 

@lrnlab do you have any insights on this one?

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Thx for shout out @Stephanie Dreiling … @Dack agree with Stephanie...if you can provide a bit more context of what you are needing to accomplish we can surely come up with some options for you. :slight_smile: