Is it possible to automate Branch and Channel Assignments?

  • 9 November 2021
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As new users are added to the LMS can the LMS auto assign the Branches based on Department data?

5 replies

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HI @joshsanderson I don't think the LMS can ‘place’ users in a branch based on data on their profile however you can include the branch name & branch code to the user data if you use the import tool or some other automated connector. There are various options you can use including assigning sub-branches to your power users and assigning users to a default branch.

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@joshsandersonI didn’t find any reliable way to make it in Docebo. We’re using the API and a recipe on Workato, with is periodically getting a list of users and assigning new users to branches (as well as setting a few other “defaults” on their accounts).

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@joshsanderson - we use the Automator app to drive our subsidiaries to branches. Everything else the fellas above wrote about is spot on. Lots of ways to do it as you bulk load and manage your users.

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NOTE: there may be a good idea in here. Expanding group logic and enrollment rules to drive a person into a branch could be a neat way of handling your use case.

Can I ask - why branch per dept???? You can achieve a lot with groups as well.



There doesn’t seem to be a way without adding a registration question or assigning branch codes and requiring the learning to enter when registering. I wish it could be automated as we’re struggling with this, too. I’m adding a suggestion to add additional conditions under the automation rules.