Is it possible to create separate link/button to open the user menu?

  • 28 March 2022
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Our home page has a header with links to key pages on our platform (e.g., My Courses, Course Catalogs, All Channels, Live Sessions).

We’re not certain that our employees are using the default user menu (hamburger icon), so we want to incorporate a link/button on the header that opens the menu. Does anyone know if this is possible? I tried copying some of the code from the chrome inspector into an html widget without much luck.

3 replies

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Hmmmm…I hate to say - technically “I dont think so….”

One of the challenges are some of the things that are in the UI are triggered by JS. And the hamburger menu open and shutting is probably completely driven by the DOM….so I think you are out of luck. Any JS you try implementing really will have you come up dry…

If you wanted something else to be shown? That’s where it can begin to get interesting. Because you can “emulate” what is in your hamburger menu if you havent gone crazy with links in it (which is typically nothing more than a series of links with some access control wrapped around it).


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Darn! That’s what I thought. I like your idea about emulating the menu though! Thanks for your insights @dklinger

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Yeah @dklinger is right, I looked into this for the classroom course session collapsing panel but is the same here, the real problem is that the elements don’t exist on the page until someone triggers the open, so you can’t even override the css to have it permanently open, and since we can’t add scripts can’t trigger it either. Best bet is to basically remake the menu, but is lots of duplication efforts.