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Is there a downstream impact to changing a course code?

  • 15 February 2022
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I noticed that the previous admin did on our system not using a consistent course code structure. When I pointed it out, I was tasked with coming up with a standard and bringing the existing courses into compliance with the new standard.

Before I go changing things in the production system, I would like to know if there are any down stream impact to making these changes? Reporting, access, transcripts, etc.? Any cautionary tales here? 



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Hi @dianex.gomez the course code field is just meta data and does not affect any other part of the database so you can change it freely. 

If you look closely at the something like the course enrollment link, you will see the actual course ID assigned by Docebo which is an incremental number.

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Hey @dianex.gomez, one important note to keep in mind about course codes… they may be used to sort items in Catalogs. Off the top of my mind, there are at least two places in Docebo Learn where course codes might be used for sorting purposes:


In your course catalog settings

You can configure the catalog sort settings when creating or editing Course Catalogs. There’s an option to configure catalog sorting by Code A-Z. This would take into consideration the codes for any Course or Learning Plans in the catalog. If you have any catalogs set to sort this way, changing your course codes might impact the sort order. See screenshot below.

Select the sort order for your catalogs via the Sort catalog items by dropdown


In your Catalog Widget settings

Similar to the options when creating/editing a catalog, you can select how a Catalog Widget is sorted when adding this widget to a page. Changing your course codes might impact the order of content in your Catalog Widgets if the Code A-Z option is being used. See screenshot below.

Edit the sort order of a Catalog Widget by updating the settings in the Default sort by dropdown


There are some really great tips and best practices for course codes in the following thread: 



This is really the only consideration I can think of. As @lrnlab mentioned, you should feel free to update your course codes without fear of major impact on your platform. However, I’d recommend checking out your sort options for your catalogs. You might also consider adopting a standard naming convention as mentioned in the thread shared above if you’re already planning to go in and update your course codes.