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Is there a way to export list of groups with attributes?

  • 17 May 2023
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I have been tasked with evaluating the strategy for using groups and putting together recommendations for new standards, cleanup needed, and governance going forward. 
I want to start by analyzing the current state. I can see all the groups from the Group UI but can only sort by name. 
I want to extract Name, Description, Type, and Eligibility Rules. How do I do this? 

PS. I tried a copy/paste from the UI but I can’t get it to copy into rows so I can sort. Plus, I still would have to open each one individually to capture the Eligibility Rules.

Also, I know I can export the users by Group, is there a way to export users for all groups at once? I don’t see any reports with “group” in the user data fields. 



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You can get some high level group details from the API /manage/v1/group.  The problem is that API only gives you the group name, description, and how many people are assigned. 

You can also use that API to get you all the Group internal ID numbers, and then use those ID numbers to use in the API /manage/v1/group/{id_group}. This second API will let you know if the group is used in any assignment fules (but it won’t list which ones..).

I don’t think there is a way to tell what the eligibility rules for a group are from a report, you might have to go manual and look at each group that is set up with the automatic assignment.  (As a good practice, you can start listing what the eligibility rules are in the group description, this way when you pull the group information they will already be listed in the group description).