Is there a way to notify a user that they should "slow down" if they watched 5 courses in a day?

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Basically just a mini reminder that learning is best done in chunks over time vs all at once.

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Hmm… just my 2¢ if you’re interested.

“...watched 5 courses...”

Are these passive video courses only?

How long is a course? Five minutes…? One hour…?

I would hesitate to suggest this approach for fear of stifling your learners hunger for knowledge.

I know that when I have wanted to learn something I was motivated about, I have spent hours on YouTube and various websites gathering knowledge. It wasn’t a course, obviously, but I did consume more than 5 videos and websites and spent lots of time testing some of the ideas presented in-between. In my opinion that was time well spent as I learned a great deal and have repeated that exercise multiple times. Don’t regret it for a moment. If YouTube sent me an email saying I should slow down - I don’t think I would have received that well.

Difference there could be personal motivation vs compliance and “mouse-whipping” courses just to complete them but I don’t think you’ll ever truly eliminate that.

At any rate, instead - I might suggest an approach that weaves more in-depth interaction and reflection into the course such that slowing down is a natural result.

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20 minute videos, so 5 would be 1:30 worth of courses at least.

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There are several ways you can communicate with a user via the LMS…

  1. from the course enrollment tab
  2. using the Newsletter app
  3. via My Team (for managers)

you raise an interesting point though...I assume you are looking through your repots to get this data? You could do something more general with the Newsletter app...something like, learning best practices or tips for effective learning where you can suggest to your users that a paced approach is best, etc.

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If you are going to communicate something like that - I think what @lrnlab suggested would be a good way to go.

Put it out there to everyone as an online learning strategy for being successful as opposed to targeting someone individually.