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Is there some way to allow all my separate-branch-powerusers to add my courses to their learning plans?

  • 6 December 2022
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Use case: In my platform, Institute, about 100 companies subscribe to our premier service tier and can create courses and learning plans only visible to their own users - along with all the general Institute content.


They want to create learning plans including my courses and their courses. Can I somehow enable this without having to edit those learning plans myself (or someone else with superadmin)?


Thank you!


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6 replies

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@lrodman Someone would need to be a SuperAdmin on their side to use the Central Repository.  I think that’s the only way to share between EE tenants until they finally get around to giving PU access to the Central Repository (unless they’ve done this already and I missed it.)


KMallette/Viasat, Inc.


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Got it - I didn’t even think of the CLOS!


I guess I could give all power-users perms on all courses… but then they could edit those courses…

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@lrodman Actually, I think they would have to add specific permissions to PU for the CLOR so that they couldn’t upload new versions of the courses. They’d have to have read-only access.

We have shared a couple of courses across our EE, but all of the EEs are part of our company so it’s a bit easier to ‘trust’ them not to do something foolish with the course.

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Sadly what @KMallette says is correct. To use the Central Repo you have to be superadmin. This is a pain. The only other way I can see is to create a power user role that has the ability to modify learning plans but only view courses. Not sure if this would work though, and you would need to assign them the courses as resources.

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Sorry for hijacking this post but I thought it sounded like the use case is similar to ours and perhaps the folks on this thread might have an answer for me.

Please let me know if you recommend that I should rather post a new question.

Use Case:

  • We make courses available for purchase under a subscription and all courses are created and managed by us as Superadmins.
  • Our larger customers have their own sub-branches with PU permissions to manage their users and licences, pull reports etc.
  • We have received several requests to enable their PUs to build their own Learning Plans by selecting from our courses eg. a graduate LP, Junior Accountant LP, Senior Accountant LP etc.

Attempted Solutions (and obstacles): 

  1. create the LPs ourselves but each customer would have their own opinion as to which courses should be included in each LP which means we would have to take on the admin of creating (and maintaining) each customer’s LPs in a catalogue that is only visible to them. We don’t have the resources to manage this.
  2. give PUs permissions to assemble their own LPs by giving ‘edit’ permissions allowing them to select the courses and with permission to create their own catalogue so that their LPs are only visible to the users in their own branch.

The problem with option 2 is that it appears the permission to ‘edit’ LPs applies to ALL visible LPs including those we have created. This means that they can edit our Superadmin LPs and we definitely don’t want to allow that.

We even considered trying Extended Enterprise but I’m told this would not solve the issue as that is largely a front-end facade and wouldn’t allow us to control the visibility of LPs in the back end.

Does anyone have a workaround or suggestion as to how we can accomplish the objective i.e. PU in a branch can create LP only for the users of their branch WITHOUT impacting global LPs set up by Superadmins?

@david.stock Alas, this is a security role feature Docebo would have to (and should) develop. Our company is in an identical situation, and the #1 question from our 16k+ customer users and PUs: “can we create our own Learning Plans?”

Giving PUs access to the Central Repository (which was rolled out in the May 2023 release) does not solve the issue as others suggested. It allows the PU to add training material to a course and is under the assumption the PU has permission to minimally edit [all] courses. The problem still exists at a higher level: the permissions for PUs to create/edit courses/LPs apply globally across the platform and aren’t branch/group specific.

I don’t fully understand the the product strategy to prioritize PU permission to the Central Repository before building out the permissions to allow PUs to manage content that’s self-contained within branches/groups. Seems like the feature is meant to serve Docebo clients who use the system for internal application over those who are supporting customers. With that said, I also have internal PUs that I wouldn’t want touching the CR or courses, but I still need them to be able to create LPs from existing courses for their team (branch) only without getting me involved or applying global changes to customer-facing content.