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Issues with mass enrollments into a Learning Plan

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Has anyone else experienced issues with mass enrolling users into a Learning Plan and having a large portion of the users not getting enrolled into the courses within that plan?  I just enrolled ALL of our employees (2000+) into a compliance course learning plan that contains 3 courses.  It showed all users were enrolled in the plan, but when I looked at the individual courses, only about 1000 were enrolled into each course (same number for each of the 3 courses).  I was able to go into each course (thankfully it was only 3!) and enroll everyone from there.

To go along with this, we also have a notification that should have gone out upon enrollment into that Learning Plan.  When we tested with a small handful of users, the enrollments and notifications worked perfectly.  But I have had a lot of people saying they never received the notification (which contained all the info and instructions about the required courses) when we did the mass enrollment.  I am wondering if those that did not get it were those that, for whatever reason, didn’t get enrolled into the courses correctly. 


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@sjennings78 Luckily, you have enrolled 1000 users in each associated course. In my case, I tried to enroll 700 users in LP contains 8 courses. Our background jobs delayed and few of them were not enrolled in the associated courses because we have reached a soft limit of calls per hour which is 1,000 per hour. 

If you mass enroll learners thru UI or API call, the maximum limit is 1000 users per call. Support team confirms that the count will be considered for each associated courses, not just LP, which means, if you enroll 500 users in LP contains 5 courses the count will be considered as 5 courses * 500 users = 2500 users in a single call/per hour. In different intervals, all of our learners were enrolled in each course and the notification triggered appropriately.

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@sjennings78 we have had a of issues with enrolling as well, even with batches under 50. If a user is already in the system and they are on our import list, it’s a 50/50 chance that the whole import will fail. We also noticed if there’s typos in certain columns of the CSV this will cause an error too. We are trying to get into the habit of telling our Power Users to make sure they are checking the Background Jobs for the error log to see what all is occurring. Sounds like we have slightly different use cases here and maybe different issues coming up but figured I would mention what we’re seeing in case it helps you or others!

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If this is still of interest, please vote in Ideas for Learning Plans-Do Not enroll Terminated Employees.

As we are only 1 ½ years into using Docebo, this has become an issue for use without creating a new Learning plan.