Leaderboards vs. DSGVO

  • 6 January 2022
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I need your advice regarding leaderboards. We would prefer to use them without anonymization, as many of our courses are also about networking and communicating with each other. However, our DSGVO officer has concerns about this as we don't ask learners to opt-in to have their name appear on the leatherbards. We have some solutions for an opt-out, such as different groups for learners who don't want to be on the leaderboard. However, only an opt-in before learners go on campus for the first time is compliant with the DSGVO. Do you have a solution or a helpful idea without anonymizing the leaderboards?

3 replies

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Hi @Lena, I moved the question to Product Q&A for you 🙂


To answer your question, I would recommend including a section within your Privacy Policy that explains how a user’s information will be used in the leaderboards. You can require all users to accept your Privacy Policy by navigating to ⚙️ Admin Menu > Advanced Settings > Users > Select Privacy Policy MUST be accepted.


Here are some more resources to help you learn about Privacy Policies:


I hope this helps!

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Hi Adam,

thanks for your help and your answer!

If we use this solution, the participants have no possibility to contradict only the display of their own name on the leaqderboard. So if they do not agree with this, they will not be able to use the course. Unfortunately, this is not a good solution for our use cases and is not the opt-in option we envision.