Learnin Plan: Lock down 1 course until prerequisite course from other LP completed?

  • 31 January 2022
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We have 2 sets of courses:

  • LP1 is a mandatory learning plan where the courses have to be completed in a certain order
  • LP2 is a set of additional optional courses

What I want to do: Lock down LP2 Course 3 until LP1 Course 3 is “In Progress” or “Completed.” I’m only looking for

  1. suggestions that allow me to keep the two sets of courses in 2 separate learning plans or
  2. confirmation that this isn’t possible

Background info: I got things to work with groups and enrollment rules when LP2 was a catalog instead of a learning plan. But when it’s a learning plan locking it down that way fails. I much prefer our learner page layout when the second optional set of courses is a learning plan. A very clean and simple learner page layout is very important for our current project. I know what I’m asking for is probably possible with CSS, but  we don’t have the capacity to make CSS changes or something more involved at this point.

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Following as I need to do something similar. Any resolution?