Limit learning plan visibility to only enrolled users in a shared catalog

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Greetings team! I am looking at a use case that seems like we’re running into some limitations on courses vs. learning plans. I’ll try to outline our weird org and maybe someone has a recommendation on what I’m doing wrong, or if there are better options.

Our catalogs are based on group visibility which is often shared markets. In this example let’s say we have an English catalog shared among the EMEA region and two countries the UK and Norway are both in the group and catalog. Typically, they’d see all the same content. However, if we have a product go live only in the UK, it still needs to be in that catalog but Norway can’t see it. I’m confused why if the course inside the LP is set to enrollments not allowed, but when I add the LP anyone can enroll it. Is that the only option? If I add the course, visibility is correct. But LPs are all or nothing? Open to your thoughts. Summary: 

  • Catalogs are controlled by group visibility
  • Groups share visibility in nearly all cases
  • Can you restrict learning plan visibility to only part of a group like you can courses?

I highlighted myself. Only the first person was enrolled when I added it to the catalog. Now I’m also enrolled, because the catalog showed it to me. I only wanted Sabrina to be able to see it.\


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Based on my understanding of your situation, it seems that you are looking to restrict the visibility of courses or learning plans within a catalog based on specific groups. Unfortunately, within a catalog, you cannot limit the visibility of individual courses or learning plans to specific groups. The courses or learning plans within a catalog will be visible to all users in the groups assigned to that catalog.

If you wish to restrict visibility, one possible solution is to create separate catalogs for each group, containing the specific courses they should have access to. This way, you can control the visibility based on the catalogs assigned to each group.

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This is the way it works for courses, but not LPs. You can set course visibility settings to only display to enrolled users such as the below screenshots. I’m just very confused why I can’t seem to do this with an LP? 

I already have 1200 catalogs and even more groups to try to manage visibility to support our complex markets. I’d love to avoid adding more catalogs to our administrative workflow especially considering the catalog management screen is so awful :( This setup works super beautifully for courses, but not LPs it seems?


I agree with you. I am having the same exact issue. 

As we are able to limit visibility within the catalogs for only “enrolled” users there should be the same setting for LP’s. 

I agree, LPs should behave the same way courses do. Is there already an idea on this topic? Wanted to upvote, but couldn’t find it.