LinkedIn Learning requires "wrong" French language pack - how to resolve?

  • 22 March 2022
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We’ve run into an issue with LinkedIn Learning videos: Our platform is in English and French Canadian. However, in order for LinkedIn Learning videos to appear in the central repository, we needed to turn on the French language package (on advice from Support).

However, now our registration page now offers French as a third language new users can choose from, but we don’t want that.

We’re still in touch with Support, but I wanted to check if someone else has already found a workaround for this issue! Things we’ve considered:

  • Change everything to French and deactivate French Canadian: We’d like to avoid that option as we use language a lot to tailor content and auto-enroll users and we’d need to update that throughout all of the LMS, yikes!
  • Can the LinkedIn Learning content be “tricked” by renaming the French Canadian language package to French? Or manipulating a language identifier somewhere like the en_us or fr_fr that websites often use?
  • Hide the second instance of French from users during registration and ideally also from their user profile where you can change the language? Is CSS capable of achieving that? If yes, how would we even start going about that?

Has anyone else encountered this problem and what did you do about it?

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