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LMS User Interaction Report

  • 7 November 2023
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Has anyone created a report/tool to display a users interaction with the LMS? I’m keen to look at what learners do on the platform from registered and then what they do next.

I know the audit report for a given period can help a little, but wondering if anyone has done something more sophisticated. I most interested in which pages they visited, courses and enrolments etc.. over time. Like a website and the www server log can be analysed to produce useful reports, seeking something similar.


  • user registered on platform
  • user visited XYZ page
  • user looked at course XYZ
  • user looked at course ABC
  • user enrolled in course ABC
  • user visited ZYX page
  • user updated profile
  • user unenrolled from course ABC
  • etc..

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3 replies

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@jckemv probably the best you can get would be by using Google Analytics. Of course, this will be rather an aggregated level analysis than on an individual user’s level. 

There are better tools - that allow tracking of each interaction of an individual user (e.g. the one offered by my company - Acoustic Tealeaf), but Docebo doesn't provide out-of-the-box integration capabilities to have them implemented.

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I’d agree with @alekwo - Google Analytics particularly good for tracking aggregated page views if you’re using them heavily as a solution to serve content, given that Docebo offers no reporting functionality for pages vs course/asset.

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I had scoped out doing this once, but it is a lift if using APi’s, reports, and audit trail. I would probably end up going down a route of getting Learn Data product to have the full Snowflake database and gain more data not available through other methods and let my analysis team use data tools like tableau or power BI go to town.

Google Analytics (if allowed) will give you the broad paths as well as folks have mentioned.