LTI external tool sending feedback?

  • 13 December 2021
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I have built a basic LTI provider tool that is external to docebo, and when I add it as a training material it displays just fine (handshake established).  My question is about completion of this training material.  How can I communicate the learner’s score back to docebo to satisfy the completion setting shown below?  Should I communicate this from my LTI provider as an API post or put or possibly a webhook event?


3 replies

After a ton of research I have come to learn the way to communicate this back from the lti provider is by using what is called the “Basic Outcome Service

If you check the box for “After receiving feedback from the external tool” (pictured in my previous post) docebo sends the 'lis_outcome_service_url': 'https://<YourDoceboAddress>' as the URL endpoint for communicating back a Basic Outcome between 0-1.

The endpoint /learn/v1/lti/outcome is not documented in the docebo API explorer, does anyone have an idea how to properly use it?  I have failed so far using what is recommended from IMS global, which they have documented under replaceResult.

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Forget it. This thing does not work. I’ve been working with a very good tech supplier (BizExaminer) and they have tried to send back the results, and the Docebo endpoint is not functional. 

Tbh I am very frustrated with Docebo. It has all these features, and then they only partially work, which makes them totally un-usable. It feels like they were built to allow sales to claim they work, not to actually work. 

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Docebo fixed the issue on LTI feedback. Now it works.