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  • 28 September 2021
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Is there anyone having issues with LTI LO completion right now? I’m having cURL error 60. It starts around 9AM CST September 28, 2021.




5 replies

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Hi @ochang, are you still experiencing this issue? 

Hi @erin.brisson , thank you for your response. Yes I am still having issues. I’m able to get support from Docebo Support ticket. I need to update the SSL Certificate for my Docebo platform. Even if the certificate is still valid for 11 days, the LTI Outcome Service is responding with cURL Error 60.

@ochang Oscar may I ask you what your cURL command looks like?  It sounds like you solved your issue with SSL.  I am trying to find community users who know how to interact with docebo’s learning outcome endpoint /learn/v1/lti/outcome

I can’t seem to find documentation beyond IMS’s LTI basic outcome docs.  Do you know of any developer documentation for docebo’s specific LO service?

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@cfrend we have these KB articles that may be helpful: APIs AuthenticationIntroduction to Docebo APIs & API General Information. If they are not and you are looking for answers related to this specific call (/learn/v1/lti/outcome), we recommend you submit a support ticket with the call and list any questions you have. 

Thank you @erin.brisson, I finally solved this.  Submitting a support ticket was certainly the way to go.

My particular issue was solved by me rebuilding my LTI server environment to use a newer version of python (3.7 → 3.9) so that the TLS handshake while returning the payload back to docebo would authorize correctly.  I am using the pylti library for anyone else out there that finds this thread.