Manager reassignment of select LP courses

  • 10 February 2022
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I have assigned learning plans to a dynamic group with courses that have certifications set to renew annually. 

Managers are wanting the ability to assign subsets of the learning plan courses so that they are able to be completed when needed and earlier than the annual recurrence. 

I know the users can go to their certification tabs and select the renew now button, and they COULD do this at their managers direction but the managers want the ability to assign this rather than give verbal/written direction.

Currently when a manager goes to their employee in their ‘my team’ to assign a course from the completed LP, the course is locked.  I am assuming that this is because they are already enrolled, so they cant assign it again.  

Is their away to allow managers to reassign specific courses from a LP that are already completed?

Is their a way to capture and report on every completion of a course and not just the most recent?  If they complete it 6 times, we would want to see all 6 times.


Thanks in advance fellow Docebians! 


1 reply

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Hi @Jtischler 

Wondering if you have found a way to achieve your goal to reassign users of selected courses?