Managing Invalid Enrollments

  • 4 December 2023
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Hello all,

We’re in the process of automating some integrations for our courses, including some integrations the create/delete “lab” infrastructure.   Since there is cost incurred with this lab infrastructure, we’d like to limit the amount of time a user’s enrollment into a lab-connected self-paced course is valid.   

I was looking at the “Days of Validity” setting for courses ( and it appears this is a start down the path we’re seeking.  However, I don’t see any way to actually leverage this AFTER the user’s enrollment is marked as invalid (i.e. the days of validity have passed).   Would the user’s enrollment actually get updated and generate the course.enrollment.updated webhook (shown here: and set the user’s enrollment to “Suspended”?   

Thanks for any guidance or thoughts on this!

2 replies

Adding more to this -- the idea we’re really looking to achieve is that if the “days of validity” have passed, we want to automatically un-enroll the user from the course.   This way, we can leverage the webhooks to know to delete the user’s lab infrastructure but then they can also re-enroll at a more convenient time and we can re-create the lab infrastructure.

cc/ @guy.afik