Manual Group Cleanup/Maintenance

  • 8 November 2023
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What are you doing to manage the ever growing lists of Groups?  Automatic groups I can handle, but we seem to have a lot of Manual groups that are likely a one-and-done enrollment?  Are you using a naming convention to call out one-time vs. perpetual manual groups?  Are you dating them?  What are the implications of deleting manual groups that are past their prime?  What happens to the Learners inside those groups?  If a tree falls in the woods… I digress.  I’m feeling delete-y but don’t want use an axe, not a chainsaw.  
So, how are you handling your housekeeping?

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Hey there, we are facing similar issues and have started a monthly governance by our LMS team. 
I just manually pull out all the groups (so far haven't found a good report for this, so I manually copy them) and then ask the teams who have created them to confirm their purpose. 

When you copy paste the list you get the links aswell which is handy when doing reviewing. 

Best practice is that we delete anything not in use or not validated.