MS Teams Breakout Rooms - Who can host? / examples of breakout room usage

  • 14 December 2023
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Hello friends,

I’m wondering about the usage of Breakout rooms with the Microsoft Teams integration for ILTs. Our goal is for instructors to be able to use breakout rooms during an ILT - Teams event.

At this point, the only user who is able to use the breakout rooms is the user who created the course + event. We have tried this with instructors having various levels of access (SA and PU). But still only the person who creates the course can use breakout rooms. 

I have read the documentation on this and the most useful section seems to be the Important Notes section from the Docebo VILT for Microsoft Teams article. The article states: 

  • Only an account that is paired with the Docebo for Microsoft Teams integration can be the organizer of an event.
  • Breakout rooms can be used within the Microsoft Teams application. They are not supported by the integration when used in Webview.
  • Instructors of live events must join the event from the Microsoft Teams desktop app.

I don’t see anything specific about whether or not instructors can use breakout rooms. 

Is anyone out there using breakout rooms with the new Microsoft Teams for vILT app? Would love to hear how others are making this work. 

Thanks a ton!

2 replies


I have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure if I have read your question correctly but if you are using the MS Teams app within Docebo then the Instructor should be able to use breakout rooms. I think the answer is partly within your question.

An instructor will be able to use breakout rooms when they are presenting as long as they are using the MS Teams app. Breakout rooms do not work on the web version of teams.

We encountered this issue a couple of days ago. The instructor had gone in using the web version and breakout rooms were not available. In the next session she went in using MS Teams app and breakout rooms were available for her to use.

The other thing that needs to be done is to pair the MS Teams account using the instructors account. For this process the instructor will need superadmin access. If they normally do not have superadmin access then you will need to give then temporary superadmin access whilst they carry out this process.

I hope this helps.