MS Teams Integration

  • 7 March 2024
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Looking for a demo of how you use MS Teams for vILT sessions. We are testing and it doesnt seem to work as we expected and think we may have a setting incorrect. We need to be able to launch multiple sessions at the same time with different instructors. I have tread the documents and other posts, but would really benefit from a demo that has worked for others.

3 replies

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What is happening in your current configuration different than your expectations?

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We just moved from WebEx to Teams, and also run multiple VILTs at the same time with a different instructor for each. I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

This is for @mateojones but anyone can chip in. We are an organization slowly moving over from Webex to Teams.

We are currently running some internal online training sessions and I have a few questions:

  1. How does the instructor access the training vilt course. Currently we have a limit of 16 per session and the Instructors have to enrol on the course in order to access the course. Can this be done without them going through the enroling process?
  2. Today, when users clicked on ‘Join webinar’ some decided to use the web version and some used the App. It seemed to have taken them to two different rooms based on which option they chose. We then had to get everyone to use the web version in order to get them all in the same room.
  3. In the above situation, the instructor was unable to use breakout rooms. I just found out that breakout rooms is not supported in webview. We used the app for the afternoon session and all was ok.
  4. The courses appearing in our calendars seem to be temperamental. When I set up the initial bunch of courses nothing was added to my outlook. Later when I set up one or two individual courses they started appearing in my outlook diary. None of the courses appeared in my instructors calendar. Any idea what the process should be here so that I (the superadmin) do not get it in my diary but my instructor gets it in their diary.
  5. Lastly, Where should an instructor be added. Session or event level. What difference does it make. Is there a preferred method?