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Multi-Day ILT

  • 2 February 2022
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We have multi-day training workshops where the attendee is registering for the entire workshop. They are not allowed to pick and choose between the agenda items and they are required to attend both days. ILT needs the ability to create multi-day events where the attendee only has to enroll once and it’s clear that the attendee is registering for all required days. I have submitted the idea (see link above), so if you think this would be useful to you, please upvote it. 

In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions or best practices on how your’e handling this system limitation?

Thank you! 


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Hi @adrie2784 I’m not sure I understand the problem. What you described is pretty much how Docebo works.

When you create an ILT course for the workshop, learner is enrolling once - selecting a session, and within a session you can create multiple events (also across multiple days) that all needs to be attended to get the course completed.

You’ll find more details in the documentation -


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It only allows me to choose one date/time for the event, so I’ve had to get creative with the naming convention to be clear that it is a 2-day event they are registering for: 



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@adrie2784each event is a single meeting.

You need to create a separate event for each meeting within a session.

then users will see all of them when enrolling


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Hi @adrie2784!


Thanks for the question! I agree with @alekwo that what you’re looking for is how the system works today (thanks @alekwo for the assist!). A session consists of multiple events, and when a learner enrolls to a session they are then attached to each event within - and will see these event level (date) details when interacting with the ILT course/session. As an admin, you have the option at the session level to determine the number of events the user must attend to gain a completion, or choose “all events”, whatever your preference :)



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This is all super helpful and solve my issue. Thank you! 

I know this was opened over a year ago, but we have a similar situation where our VILT courses are between 1 and 5 days in length. For the multiple day courses we would like to be able to have a single session managed over multiple days that use the same webconferencing link vs. having a unique webconferencing link for each event across the week. Is this possible? Thank you!