My PU can not see or edit Additional fields. What am I missing ???

  • 17 March 2023
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My Power User, cannot see (and edit) the User’s Custom Fields. 


What am I missing??? Are these parameters ok??


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4 replies

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Which custom fields are we talking here?


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@Isram Any chance you could give us a screenshot of someone who is having the issue?  Is it one PU profile, one PU user? Or is it a global issue?

Are the PUs limited by branches or groups? Wondering if the field is not visible to the same branches that the PU has access to…

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This might be because of the Advanced Setting for additional field visibility.  You might also need to put the power users into a branch that has been assigned visibility to those additional fields. 

I did a quick post with instructions on how to fix this, it might also work for your power users as well?


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Am thinking you need to grant visibility via the branches under User Management


on the slide out panel, choose the fields you want the PU to access

Hope this helps