Need a report for user activity

  • 21 September 2022
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Looking for a simple report that will give me a list of users who:

  1. have an account, but have never logged in.
  2. are not enrolled in any courses
  3. have not completed any courses.

1 reply

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Hi @bsoelberg think you are out of luck...there are no such filters for reports nor for the User Mgmt export option. If you export all your users, then run a Users-Course report, this could get part of the way there.The export contains a filed you can export called, Last Accessed Date” so if it’s blank, the user never logged in and you can infer they never completed a course.

So you need 2 reports. User-Courses to show who is enrolled, in progress, completed, etc. on a course, then your full export of all users with the Last Accessed column and you can do some VLOOKUPs on Excel to get the final tally you need.