Notification when an ILT recording is available for review

Is there any way to configure the platform so that learners are notified via email when the recording of an ILT Event is successfully added to the Event by the Instructor? I did not see this option in the list of Notifications.

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Hi @KBattle just tried the notification called, ILT Session Changed however seeing as the recording are added via the user side (Learner Preview) that may be the reason I did not get any notifications. This is the only one I see that had a chance to work...sadly it did not.

You could use the manual option from the from the Enrolment & Evaluations tab to send all participants an email letting them know the recording has been added.

Added the idea just now if you'd like to vote it up:


Thanks, @lrlnlab! Heading over to the Community now to upvote. I’ve been using the manual method you mentioned but figured there must be a better way.


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Has anyone figured out how to do this?
There is a notification for if a user FAILS an ILT. 

But I don’t know how to FAIL them. I looked under Reports and couldn’t find anything to fail them on. I may be missing something.

I will use sending the enrollees an email from the session list. That will work, but it is manual and I would like to automate something.

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Hey @tschoone , I believe you need to make the session evaluation based to have the pass/fail options available. More info on configurations here

in the future you might get better responses if you start your own question thread when it is a new question like this, people scrolling through the community will see it better that way.