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Novice question about assignments

  • 29 July 2022
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When using assignments for a training material, are uploads (attachments) available indefinitely for a course that remains published?

- Can the learner retrieve their own upload?

- Can the instructor retrieve the upload?

- Can a superadmin or a person with PU access retrieve the uploads via the training material?

- Can a manager retrieve the upload?


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Hello @dklinger,

My organization has been doing some testing with assignments, so I can provide some information on how they work based on what I have learned. I’ll caveat this by saying that I’m by no means an assignment expert - this is all just trial and error.

 - Are uploads (attachments) available indefinitely for a course that remains published? - I’m uncertain on this one.

- Can the learner retrieve their own upload? - Yes, provided that the assignment has already been evaluated. They can select the assignment component of the course and then select the arrow next to the score/checkmark. That will toggle them over to a link to file submitted, as well as additional details. (**Assignments that have been submitted but not yet evaluated do not appear to be accessible by the learner - at least, not that I have been able to find.)

- Can the instructor retrieve the upload? - Yes. So long as someone has been added as an instructor to the course, they can go to the course, select the Related Sections button in the upper right, and then select Reports. On the Reports screen, they would navigate to the Learner assignments section at the bottom of the page. All the files that were added as assignments will be displayed. They can select Evaluate for the appropriate one, and a pop-up window will open, wherein they can download and then review the submitted file(s). Note that files uploaded to the Assignment do not carry over unique file names, therefore if there are multiple files, the instructor will need to download each to differentiate between them. The instructor can then add any necessary comments and a score (if applicable), then mark the assignment as passed or failed. Marking the assignment passed will trigger the LMS to mark that section of the course complete.

- Can a superadmin or a person with PU access retrieve the uploads via the training material? - Yes, at least superadmins can. It would be the same navigation with regard to the Reports section. They will be able to see submitted & evaluated assignments, and can use the Evaluate link to see the pop-up that houses the assignments yet-to-be evaluated (I guess in that case, if they aren’t actually conducting the evaluation, they can just download and then close the window).

- Can a manager retrieve the upload? - Unfortunately, I’m not too certain on this one. We haven’t been using a manager hierarchy to the degree that I’ve been able to do any testing.

Hopefully this is of some help. 

Best regards.

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@LNew - you made my day today. Thank you.

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Hello, is it possible to have a course assignment without instructor evaluation?

The students only insert the assignment, and anyone needs to approved it.

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@msantos I believe that the only folks who can evaluate an assignment are Instructors and Superadmins. So yes, technically you could forego adding an Instructor to your course where you are using an assignment, but you would then need a Superadmin to go out and handle the evaluation activities.

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Hi, I want to create a assignment without any validation. I Understood that´s not possible.


Thank you for your reply.