OK, who stole the "Course Duration" field in the new Course Management page ?

  • 14 February 2022
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I just realized that he course duration field is missing from the “Time Options” tab for  e-learnings in the latest “Course Management” page.  Now I understand that with ‘self paced” learning it is not an exact value but it gives the learner a  rough estimate of how long i will take to complete the course ( 5 mins or 5 hours etc.)  I see from the courses-users report that the field is still there, but how can we add that info in new courses? 


So If you stole the field and hid it somewhere safe, can you tell us where and even better ,put it back please?


many thanks


OK - Found it, it was hiding way down the page in the “details” Tab” 


pays to read the “heads up”  carefully :flushed:


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Thanks for the update Gary!