Organizing Courses in Categories to be visualize in "Courses and Learning Plans" widget

  • 28 December 2022
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Hello Community

Is there a way to organize courses and LP by category in the in "Courses and Learning Plans" widget.

I think it would have much better visualization and organization 

Not only a-z , z-a,  oldest-newest,  newest-oldest etc--- Here this option applies to all categories and all courses, correct??


1 reply

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Agreer this would be a nice option but we need to change the way categories work for, any and all categories appear to the user (when enabled) including those categories that might not have content the user can see. If we can make category display dynamic based on what the user has visibility to would be a huge lift and allow us to use them more liberally. Today, we need balance how many we create for admins vs users which is not ideal.