"Other courses that may interest you" widget

  • 14 December 2021
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I am wondering why, when in the public page, when users click on a card to see a course (before they buy) on the right side there is a panel with "Other courses that may interest you" and although some courses are set to "subscription closed" in the settings, they can be seen there.

It's confusing for users because when they click on these courses, they have the option to click "enroll" as if the course would be available and then they get the infinite turning orange wheel.

Is there a way to decide which courses can be visible there or even completely disable or remove that widget?


2 replies

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Hi - i second that idea, it would be great to be able to configure which courses appear in this widget, currently the selection can be quite random at times. Thank you!

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You may need to add this as an Idea instead of a question so we can upvote it for you.