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  • 17 March 2023
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Need some help on this

We offer ILT courses once a month for different products and different topics.
The course and any sessions or events are only offered once for the year, after that, it may not be offered again for the year or ever.
However, that course shows up in the Course Catalog page for Instructor Led Training

Since there are no sessions or events available for a user to select, this could be confusing to customers. They want to know why it is not being offered.

I tried to mark the course Under Maintenance, but that removed it from view for others who completed the course. Those users who completed the course, still need access to the recorded training. 

How does everyone handle this or am I missing something?


4 replies

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@mlubenski Maybe you could use the Description field to put a note … something like: “The next sessions for this course will be in 202x. Please join our Waitlist.”

Then maybe set up a waitlist so that you know who is interested when you go to reopen the course.


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@KMallette  Thanks. 
I enabled wait list for the course, then enrolled into the course. It showed me as enrolled, not waiting. How do you set up a wait list?

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I think you could change the catalog options for the course until you are ready to add sessions to it.  Found under the course properties, go to Advanced Settings. Set the catalog visibility to only show it to enrolled learners.  That should then keep those who are not enrolled into it from seeing it, but those who were enrolled could still go in and view the recording.

When you are ready to open it up, you can change the visibility back to internal catalogs.

Definitely recommend testing though.

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@Annarose.Peterson Thanks

I have them set to internal, as that is all we do.
But I think I found the answer.

  • I went to the same catalog options as above. Changed the Course Enrollment Policy to - Pending Admin Approval. This marked the Course with the Moderated Tag
  • Also, it allowed users to enroll (waiting list). I also changed the Messages for the session and the For More information from Translation. (see what all that affects :)
  • So, I think I am good now, just need to find out how to get rid of that flying saucer. I though CSS. I replaced the Kneeling Person, now just need to find the right thread that has the CSS Code for the flying saucer
  • Thanks everyone for the help!