Power user Training

  • 26 September 2022
  • 6 replies

Is there any training material available for training Power Users? I think I saw a mail from someone but not able to recall.

6 replies

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Hi @arnab.duttagupta2022 you can find PU Training on Docebo University 

just create an account

Hello Irnlab, I see lot of scattered training courses but not able to find the appropriate one, can you please suggest? Is’nt there a PPT available?

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Think the training is all task based so probably nothing on PU in general. What type of training are you looking for?

I want to train Power Users on their daily activities and roles in general with the latest updates.

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hmm, most of the training is targeted by function, feature, etc. so there is nothing that is entirely general.

Maybe this can help:


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I would suspect that it would be tough to make a general curriculum that would suit that need since everyone has different combinations of abilities and the tasks they want the power users to do. Maybe a custom page that they can see with links to the DU stuff for the tasks they will be doing would be a good middle ground of re-using the content in an organized way?