Preventing users from retaking SCORM tests

  • 21 December 2022
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I am probably missing something fairly obvious here, but if we create a test that is packaged as SCORM 2004 (3rd edition), and within the test we have it configured to allow 2 attempts and that’s it..What is stopping the user from relaunching the SCORM test, and selecting the Start Over option to reset their score? I know we can select the option to only allow them to open the training material one time, but the counter point I’m getting to that solution is the need for users to review the test once they either passed or reached maximum attempts.

Curious to see thoughts on this situation. Thanks!

3 replies

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Your SCORM package should work as you designed. Using the Start Over does not reset the course or score as far as I recall. You may also try this setting:


I ran a test with a simple 5 question assessment. Initially, I maxed out attempts at a 40%, which should be the final score. I launched the SCORM again, started it over and got all questions correct. The score that appears in the course management page shows 100%, however I can see in the answer breakdown the actual score if look at the first five questions. This leads to an issue where our managers would see 100% and not know that the actual score should be 40%. 

I believe I just added fuel to the fire, but this issue has been bugging me...and none of us would be managing LMS systems if little stuff like this didn’t drive you nuts. LOL

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indeed @ebahoric lol...let;’s just say that Docebo tracking is not the best...did you try the setting above to see if that locks it?

You might also have a look at the your options in your course authoring tool. Pretty sure you can prevent a relaunch.


Found this that may help: