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Providing feedback from a test

  • 9 December 2022
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Does anyone have any tips for providing comments to a user submitted test? It’d be nice to then have those comments added into an email notification via shortcode


Best answer by lrnlab 9 December 2022, 15:08

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Not sure about sending personalized messages...dont think that’s an option and certainly not for adding to notifications. Have you looked at customizing the test feedback by score groups? you can create custom messaging for score ranges that might get you part of the way to what you are looking for.

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You can have per-question feedback in docebo’s test editor, same in articulate rise or articulate storyline - and presumably any other scorm-based content editor. 

I think real-time feedback is more useful anyway - but I do agree, ability to review tests and send emails would be nice.

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Oh, one more note. I don’t think scorm saves which questions were right or wrong per user, just their final percentage score. I believe tincan/xapi does. I don’t really know anything about non-scorm formats.


does anyone have a guide to articulate rise → xapi → docebo they can link?


I believe the built-in docebo test maker also doesn’t store which questions were right and which were wrong - but I’m not sure.