[Q&A] May 2022 Release Readiness Webinar

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Your May Release Webinar questions, answered!


For those that tuned in to the May Release Readiness webinar, you knew these were coming! If you missed it, don’t worry, the recording is ready for you (and so is the release round up). We’ve also placed all the links shared in the webinar at the end of the Q&A for easy reference ⬇️


Questions and Answers


My Teams

Q. For large companies, is there a way to auto assign employees to their managers in My Teams? Without having the managers do it? Some managers could have 100+ employees.
A. There is a way!! You can define the managers using CSV files in the User Management area. You can find more details here.


Q. Are the My team Reports new ones already live?

A. The enhancement to My Team reports is live!  Thanks again @ dklinger for the idea.



Q. Is Connect an additional fee or included with Learn?

A. Connect is an additional fee. Please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions on pricing and implementation.


Q. Can the Outlook Connection be used with Outlook 2016?

A. The technical integration takes advantage of the Office / Outlook 365 API and a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise account is required to power the connection. Learners will continue to receive the Outlook 365 powered notifications regardless of their mail provider or calendar client. Features specific to the Outlook 365 client will not be available outside of Outlook 365.


Q. When a learner enrolls in an ILT, I want the event dates and times to be added to their calendar. We work mostly with voluntary enrollments. Will this work as well?

A. Absolutely. This is the intended behavior. The integration expects that "one" account (i.e. training @ yourorgacme.com) holds the record for the event. The learners would then be added as an "Attendee" to that event.


Q. If the course is moved will the calendar be synced?

A. Yep, 100%. That is the beauty of it all. The Outlook recipe creates, updates or deletes Outlook calendar entries based on changes in the event status within Docebo Learn. So when an event is created in Docebo Learn it will create an event in the Outlook calendar and if there is a change to an event in Docebo Learn, it will update the calendar entry accordingly.


Q. For an 8 day session, with 8 events. The learner would receive 8 emails and need to click yes for each?

A. You got it. The reason for this is to account for potentially different locations and times for each session.


Q. Will invite recipients see other invitees, in the case described where a static calendar (e.g., training@org.com) is used and learners are attendees?

A. This is optional and really leans on the strengths of Docebo Connect. Within the recipes is a “Level of Privacy” option that can be set to private to keep attendees and event information private.


Q. Will we be able to trigger events for notifications based on these RSVPs?

A. Since Docebo Connect will receive the response via the Outlook APIs, this trigger can be used to drive further automation within a recipe. The feature isn't intended to overlap with the existing Email Notifications feature on Docebo, however, you could build various notification based integrations within a recipe. I would suggest further discussion with our solutions engineering team to understand your full requirements.



Q. Will this presentation be shared?

A. You can find a recording of this session in Docebo U.


Q. What service are you using to display your phone? I need to find something like this to create training material for Go Learn.

A. They say that sharing is caring! There’s an option within the “Share Screen” panel in Zoom to share your mobile device either via a cable or via AirPlay. It makes it really easy to handle mobile demos like these. If you’re on a Mac, you can also record your screen directly to your Mac in an offline capacity via QuickTime. Here’s an article that shows how. Happy training! 


That’s all the questions and answers. Thanks to everyone who attended this session and asked a question.


Have any other questions? Share them below!👇👇👇


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