Registering two different ILTs same day and same time

  • 22 December 2021
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Hi all,

I did a test in my platform regarding the subject above.

Scenario: A user did a self-enrolment to one ILT. A few days later, he enrolled himself to another ILT that coincidentally fall on the same date and time of the first ILT. System allows the enrolment and now the user has double booked himself.

Is this correct or is this a bug?

Thank you.

2 replies

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Hi @haziehalim I looked through the KB articles to see if there was anything specific to prevent users from being double-booked but could not find anything on this subject. It does sound odd as usually this would be blocked. The only somewhat related article I could find was about copying sessions. You might want to reach out to support to ask them to confirm. Would be helpful to know for sure.

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Hi @lrnlab . Thank you so much. Will create a ticket on this and share the findings later. :blush: