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  • 5 January 2023
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How can you get current data in a report?  I want it to represent now, not 5 am.


Best answer by lrnlab 5 January 2023, 20:39

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If you were moved to the Data Lake, you should be able to recent if not real-time data depending on when the last update was done; these usually occur every 4 hours. You can see the last time the data was updated when you run the report. (top left corner)

in the case above, the data will be refreshed BEFORE the next report is run so in this case it would be in real time.

If you still need real time, you can use the old Reports tool however not all reports are available there.

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Old reports may not feel ideal…but it is the goto for many of us for things that are necessary to meet a just in time need. The older report functions have a funk to it. You may want to include fields “deactivated” to help get you to a place where you can better scope your report to only active folk and be prepared to change the column order after you export…beyond that? It works pretty well.

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If you’re looking a report for single course, probably you can try out front end Reports tab within the course itself under the course management area. I know it’s not ideal, but you can get the real time user data