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Does anyone know if it is possible to have e-learning scheduled to be assigned to a learner? We are rolling out a new training program and we would like to have learning courses assigned once per week. Is this possible? 


Thank you in advance! 

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sadly no...enrolments rules are essentially live and groups have no date options when it comes to course completions.

you could use groups and enrolment rules to assign the next course based on the completion of another course to slow down the process a little but this would depend on when the user completes their courses…

here are some ideas you can vote up:

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Hi @dhorne 

If you have a set of courses that need to be consumed in a sequential order, maybe in your case I would suggest to create a Learning Plan.


When you have your courses listed, you can set that to have access to a specific course prerequisites must be met first (i.e completing a previous course) and, also you can add this additional condition: postpone the access until “7” days for example)


I hope this helps.


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Hi @dhorne 

I posted a similar idea (although my relative date was specifically start date, the premise is the same) feel free to vote, if you like.