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SCORM Course Material to mark as complete

  • 22 August 2022
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Hi.  A little help please … I’ve uploaded a SCORM file as part of my training material.  I would like the material to be marked as complete as soon as someone opens/accesses this file.  I understand I need to make it known to the learner that they need to click on a “close/exit/submit” button.  Where is this button?  Thanks


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7 replies

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Hi @Justine this all depends on how you built your course...usually an EXIT/CLOSE button would be included inside the course and coded to tell the LMS to track completion. If you want to have the package track on launch, you would need to build that into the course itself.

On the other hand, if you don't need to have a SCORM package, Docebo marks the following learning objects as complete on launch:

  • File download
  • HTML page
  • Slide converter 
  • and I think the video option does as well although this one has other settings available
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Hi @Justine , 

Usually the close/exit/submit button is built into the SCORM content.  If you are the creator of the SCORM content, you can add a button somewhere with a trigger to complete the content when the user clicks the button.  If you did not author the content, you will need to work with the content creator to have something like that built in.

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LOL @Annarose.Peterson 

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Hi @Justine  First off the SCORM packet is sent to the LMS on close or exit so I think what you are asking is that you want learners to see at least 1 slide. If your course is built in Captivate you can go to quiz preferences and set completion and success criteria for slide views and then just pick  “1” as the minimum slide number… as long as there is no quiz in the course you’re pretty much good to go. If you are using SL/RISE there is a similar setup in the quiz preferences.

My question would be why would you want completion after just 1 slide? On the surface it appears as if the course really isn’t important… just the status. Why not just take the content and make it a whitepaper, file download etc.  or something of that nature and not even worry about SCORM? If the content has a level of importance that is high enough to build the course initially, then you need to at least record that they have seen the material. (change slide views to 80 or 90%)… and that needs to be done by the course developer.

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If it is a CPTX file you can edit in Captivate : Edit > Preferences > Quiz > Success = User Access.



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@Stephen.Barton  yep you are right. I stand corrected. I don’t think I have ever set up a course that way. I still would question why take the time to create a course if all they need to do is access it to get the credit?

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hi @LDusa, it wasn’t a correction, you were already correct. I was just supplementing what you had stated with a picture (since I had the application open) and a slight alternative.