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Send the "User has been created (by administrator)" notification to top branch ONLY (All Users)

Hi Docebo community, I’m new here.  I have one branch on my platform which then has a number of sub-branches.  I’m trying to limit my “User has been created (by administrator)” notification to just my main/top branch (without the sub-branches and their descendants) but I’m unable to change the setting.  Can anyone help, please?

I am able to select singular/multiple descendant branches (clicking the tick on/off) but this isn’t want I want to achieve.  I simply need to have the main/top branch having a different notification message issued - this is our internal staff.  Sub-branches are for external staff (non-PAYE users).

Any help would be super helpful.  Thank you


Best answer by joanne.gerard 27 May 2022, 17:45

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Not 100% sure if this would work for you but I created a group called “Notifications” and placed only those people in it who need to see notifications for the random things no one else cares about.

Then I can push out a notification to just that group when necessary.

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I don’t think it is possible to select the main branch separately from the sub-branches. It seems the only option is select the main branch and all sub-branches, or none at all.

The only suggestion I can make is to add your main branch as another sub-branch and you can then select or de-select this as necessary.

This would be a best practice for branch structure, since you want to avoid placing users in the Docebo All Users root branch as much as possible. You can learn more in the Best Practices section of the Creating and Managing an Organization Chart knowledge article

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From what I can see - that new user (created by administrator) works only with branches with the method you are describing. That said - @joanne.gerard covers the rest. @joanne.gerard gets the gold star.

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