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Sequential Learning Experience Issue

  • 16 January 2023
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I’m not sure if anyone has something like what we are trying to accomplish; however, here is are challenge.  We trying to use the Sequential Learning Experience by having our New Hires Employees see the new hire page.  However, we have multiple companies in branches and then we have the groups.  What I have done was the following:

  1. Created groups for each company, one for current employees and one for new hire employees, using the “hire date” as the eligibility
  2. Created a page for each of the companies and a page for the New Hire employees, with the New Hire menu at the top of the list on the menu page.
  3. I have set up auto-enrollment based on the NHL groups

I’m stuck as, for whatever reason, I cannot get the New Hire employee page to show for those new hires only.  It automatically defaults to their company page.  Any help and suggestions would be great.  



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5 replies

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Some quick troubleshooting steps I can think of:

  • New Hire groups: do you see the expected users in each of them?
  • New Hire pages & menus: are they all published?

How are you testing? I usually use a dedicated ‘tester’ user account, and sometimes I find that I need to completely sign out and back in again to refresh things. 

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Hi @Sarahh!

Yes, all are published.  Actually, @Irodman solved it for me, and I needed to move up the hierarchy of the pages with the NH page at the top.  Once I did that, everything worked.  

Thanks for helping and chiming in.


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Great news! Thanks for posting the solution. Pages and menus can be tricky - I’m sure this will help others, too!

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Broadest scope down below, And the most narrow scope above.

I read that out loud everytime we test a new menu/page for people to land on.

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@dklinger You are so right.  Each time I build these, I forget about the hierarchy and how it works.  It’s not something we do all the time because once we build it and it is working, we normally don’t go back to look.

Mahalo to everyone here and all the help.