Showing a learner they have earned a badge within a course/learning plan

  • 16 June 2021
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We have just launched our first Gamified learning - badges for courses, points, then badges for learning plans. One thing we are lacking is any way to display the fact that someone earned a badge while they are in the course.

From what I understand the only way they know they have earned something is if they go and look at their badge info in their profile. 

The only way I can think of to do this is to add a final html content piece into a course. The module would essentially be a congratulations page with their badge info that they have to do to complete the course.


Our gamification means that they earn a pice of a jeep for each course completed, at the end of the learning plan they have earned all the pieces to then earn the whole car.


Does anyone have any ideas of another way to do this?

4 replies

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@mwd Very good question. We are planning for our implementation of gamification right now and I am currently “prototyping” something in our sandbox. I just found out today that there isn’t a way to send an email notification when someone earns a badge. This was disappointing. Suggestion LMS-I-1952 in the ideas portal. 

It’s interesting that you are thinking about awarding a badge as part of a particular course. I think HTML content is probably one of your only choices that I can think of or maybe you can fudge a certificate to look like a badge award????

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hi @mwd there actually is a pop-up that tells you, you’ve earned a badge. The thing is, the pop-up is very random… sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn’t. There seems to be no rule to it. Sometimes it’s enough to go to another page in Docebo and sometimes you will get it after some time when you don’t even expect it.

We’ve discussed this issue with Docebo probably a year ago and I believe their support has admitted that the pop-up is not working properly. As far as I’m aware, they’re planning some bigger changes to Gamification this year so perhaps it would be worth discussing with your CSM whether something that fits your needs will be introduced.

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Morning - so I just turned on my first badge for folks (and by the way? I have disabled those popups).

I was hoping to enable a notification about rewarded a few of those badges (yay - folks are definitely coming into a course) to unfortunately find that there is no option to do so from the system . Where I am not going to roll it back? I think that notification path is so important.

I will be voting up LMS-I-1952 as well.

How are folks working around this? Are you working around this?

I am also very interested to see a solution to this problem. We have now added the Gamification widget to our home page so that our users are able to easily see which badges they have already earned. A notification or a reliable working pop-up would be a better solution in my opinion.