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  • 5 September 2023
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Hello Docebo community,

Would anyone be willing to share a screenshot of what their landing page looks like? We will be transitioning to Docebo in the next couple months and would like to see how others have setup their landing page. Thanks!

6 replies

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Hello! By landing page, you’re referring to a home page set up through Docebo’s “pages” feature, correct? Here’s mine, but if that’s not what you’re referring to, please feel free to elaborate. I might do things differently, but these all link out to pages with courses/channels when you click the gold “get started” buttons.



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Emergency management training site for government agencies and associated organisations. 

Used the page designer to add a bunch of custom content widgets, some catalogue displays.

Excellent! Thank you for sharing.

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Here is what ours looks like:

Sorry for the delay in responding.

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Hi @stanley at CNP 

Here’s ours 😊


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@Amel love the home page! Can you share the CSS you used to have the top banner widget span the entire browser window? Also the height and size image you used if you can. Thank you in advance!