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  • 24 August 2021
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Within our organisation Poweruser isn't powerful enough and SuperAdmin is almost too powerful for our day to day operational tasks

I voted for the idea asking for and profile between poweruser and superadmin but keen to understand if others feel the same.

Ideally we would like SuperAdmins set at branch level so that each branch could be “autonomous”

Any thoughts ?

5 replies

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I agree that there is a gap there. For us, it would be extremely helpful to at least have superadmins that are specific to a domain (in extended enterprise). However, I can see how it would be a considerable software engineering challenge to achieve that. 

Hopefully once the forthcoming Power User CLOR abilities, and any other new PU functions in the pipeline, will get us part way there.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughtsAlan

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I agree as well.  Our most recent example where we experienced this gap was when we found that only SuperAdmins can import LinkedIn Learning content via the Content Marketplace.  A few mistakes were made during the import and they could have been avoided if we had a level between SuperAdmin & PowerUser.  

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Yes, I would agree with this as well!  When we bring someone new to the team, we spend a considerable amount of time training them on the LMS before they receive full Super Admin right.  Until they are fully trained or have spent enough time shadowing with a Super Admin, they still need to be able to perform certain functions in the LMS, for example access to the Central Repository, but not necessarily have all the access a Super Admin would.

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You should move this over to the "Idea Portal” Click on the Communication Center(next to the gear) and enter there.