Support with in field learning

  • 13 December 2022
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We have a number of people in the business who work in the field.

Does anyone know of a way where the manager would be able to complete an assessment in Docebo per individual .

Scenario Salesperson presents a solution to a customer - manager wants to complete a form or assessment in Docebo which will be held in the salespersons file so they can go back and reflect on the scenario they presented.

2 replies

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The Observation Checklists might be something you can use.  Here is the article that explains them a little better:

The cool thing is the checklists can support managers going in and checking things off as well.  Here is the article that talks about that:

I haven’t used them extensively yet, but this feature seems like it might meet your use case.

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I agree with Annarose. The observation checklist is one that addresses your use case. The only caveat with OC is that there is no option to download the report.