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  • 21 September 2022
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This is kind of a follow-up to the Swagger API post that’s “Related”.  Is there anywhere that the raw Swagger API information is available?  As part of our implementation we are needing to use the API quite a bit. It’s much faster to implement calls against the API if we can generate our connection objects using a Swagger endpoint, rather than needing to code each interaction from scratch.  I believe it was called out in the other thread that the API Documentation is generated from Swagger. Is there a way for customers to access the same Swagger endpoint as that used by the Docs?

2 replies

If an OpenAPI (Swagger) URL isn’t available with the information, even a file with the API details would be extremely helpful. 

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Agree, would be a nice to have for those who use them. I kind of backwards create piece ones when editing my custom connector in power automate, since it writes it in swagger and I export that and then edit it, but would be nice to skip the initial part.