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Teams Organizers

  • 20 July 2022
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The Teams helpfile states that "Only the account that is paired with the Docebo - Microsoft Teams integration can be the organizer of an event."

We’re currently in soft launch testing, and as the primary account Admin, I’m currently the only person who is able to manage breakout rooms in Teams and receive the post-event attendance rosters.

This is unmanageable in a company of our size. We need trainers to be able to use breakout rooms and track attendance for their events, and we have a lot of them.

Is there any way for Instructors to gain access to the organizer functionality without being the paired integration organizer as stated in the documentation? Has anyone found a workaround using the native Teams integration? 

The only solution we’ve able to come up with is to select Custom Tool in the Video Conference settings instead, and paste the link to the Teams meeting. However we lose benefits of Teams integration - mainly the ability to track Teams events inside Docebo.

How are you using Teams in Docebo for ILT events?


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Hi @rtomchuk 

We have been testing the same thing, and I have not been able to find a work around for this.    We were hoping that using a generic Teams account might work, but we have so many concurrent trainings happening at the same time, teams doesn’t support more than one meeting at a time. 

I wish this integration was a little easier to set up and support instructors being able to access any teams VILT event as the meeting organizer.

We are currently using Webex because the Teams integration and the way it is set up doesn’t really work well for our use case. With webex we are able to get away with a generic account and as long as someone is listed as the instructor on the course, when they log into the Docebo platform and access the video conference tool they have full presenter permissions.


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Thanks @rtomchuk, I am going to watch this thread carefully as we would like to use Teams too, and from the sound of it, it’s not quite there yet.

Thanks too to @Annarose.Peterson, we too are currently using Webex as our main tool but not yet embraced the integration aspects of Docebo, your comments sound encouraging, so I think I will be exploring that feature soon.

Thanks guys!

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I had hoped that the new development would have fixed this. Reading these posts makes me nervous we won’t get out of the starter box. We have exactly the same scenario as @Annarose.Peterson and have retained WebEx for exactly the same reasons. Has anyone successfully used Zoom? We saw a demo a year ago but wanted to try to pursue TEAMS.

We are also having this issue - it’s looking like we will have to move back to Zoom by the looks of it.

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We have abandoned TEAMS and exploring other options. 

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Hi all. Thanks for the replies. We ended up sticking with Teams and custom videoconferencing tool. Then we manually track enrollment after the event. Not ideal, and would really like to see a fix for this.