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Training Material - Multiple Issues

  • 15 July 2021
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Hey all - 

We’ve run into a few issues over the last couple of days  - does anyone have work arounds for the following:

  • Surveys: don’t allow you to input answers for use - is anyone using these with success?
  • Observation Checklist:
    • Don’t have values tied to answers to be able to score
    • Cannot see all answers in reporting
    • Can not permission to groups to be observers
  • Quizzes:
    • Can only hold most recent score - does not hold all attempts - essentially only reporting one score per user
    • Does not report how students answer each question to see if there is a trend in a bad question

Any help or solutions are appreciated!


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Hello @Jette 

We used survey as a training material to collect the specific user information of a learner before they actually begin the course. 

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Hi @Jette 

We haven’t used Observation checklists, but we use surveys and quizzes, so I might be able to help with those!

Surveys - 

We use the surveys in Docebo, but they all come from the central repository rather than create a survey for each individual course.  If you do that, make sure that you select the option “Localized tracking” for the survey.  If you select “shared tracking” what will happen is for every course you add the survey to, if a user happens to complete the survey in one course, they will not be able to complete it in another course that the survey is linked to.  That is the only instance that we have encountered people not being able to input answers.

Quizzes - 

Regarding the issue of Docebo only holding the most recent score - I think this is how the platform is built.  It can only record a single attempt of training material at a time.  If someone completes the quiz 10 times, the system will only hold onto one attempt.  I believe this is a feature update that Docebo is working on.  

You can download user's responses from the reports section of the course that the quiz is located in.  From the Reports tab of the course, click on Training Material statistics.

Locate the Quiz on the training material list, and click on the Quiz name.  It will take you to a page that will list all the users who have attempted the course and how the user has responded to each question.  You also have the option to download the responses as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.


I hope this helps in some way!