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Typical CSV upload speed?

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I am trying to upload a CSV file of new users and, boy, is it taking forever. Can anyone tell me the typical time needed for a CSV upload? I do not have reason to believe there is an error as I’ve done this before.  I am going to have to develop processes taking this speed issue into consideration. Thanks!


Best answer by KMallette 18 May 2023, 01:01

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@JKolodner How many users and how much time? It can be somewhat relative. If the servers are under a heavy load (from all the other instance users), it can sometime take 5-20 minutes before the background job  is “grabbed” and started. The more users you have in the sheet, of course, it will take more time. In general, though, I find that waiting for the background job queue is usually where the delay comes.


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Thanks for considering this question. I believe we were experiencing some sort of server issue which has been resolved. Upload times are much improved now.